Twitter as Comments, for Blogs & SME Brand Social Engagement

So you're looking for a super simple, light-weight, slightly hacky, solution for encouraging social engagement, promoting excellent customer feedback and managing comments on articles and posts?

All with little effort and no extra services.

A few lines of CSS, and the right call-to-action button will do.

Here it is - the no-plugin, no-service, no-faff Twitter comment system for blogs and other media engagement.

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DSE Workstation Safety for Serious Computer Users

Learning the hard way that; Pain, Demotivation and Low-productivity can creep-up when you're knee-deep in a startup or long project. You already take the time to ensure your tech and business model is setup and working well for you - so why not physical health too?

Once you fix your workstation - you'd be surprised at the subtle low-levels of physical pain relief, as well as the acute pain relief too. You become more motivated, more productive and much more engaged in the same-old-tasks - seemingly like magic.

Nurture yourself and those around you, before you fall apart and seize up like an old machine trying to reach the dividends.

A London based company I've had the pleasure of working with teaches such Magic to mere-mortals like ourselves, via eLearning...

More … v0.3 Update! The Terminal Cheat-sheet app for Devs

'tmux-hints' is a small shell script I wrote used to display a live cheat-sheet - or key-mapping notes - in a terminal running tmux.

As you switch from one program to another, your notes update automatically with that programs notes instead. Great for new key-combos and noobs alike.

After gaining some popularity, mainly from Reddit, I had some great feedback ready to put into action.

Version 0.3, improves on existing concepts and implementation mainly thanks to /u/vogelke and others commenting their experiences.

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Technical Business Management Developer in London

TLDR; Thanks for everything & I'm now available for hire.

A quick update - thanks for the recent support on my article "Digital Will" a backup-plan for business, the support for my recent side-projects like the personal finance/net worth tracker & the feedback from readers too! ?

Starting in mid-December 2019 - you'll spot the "dusty-red button" on the side of this blog when I'm available for freelance or contract consultancy work.

I focus on technical business management for software and non-software businesses. Passionate about finance, sales, strategy and automation - I'm also a battle-proven fullstack developer i.e. LAMP, serverless, front & backend.

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"Digital Will" - a Last Will & Testament, for Your Online-life

TLDR; Use a Password Manager like 1Password, it makes your day-to-day life easier, more secure and can protect yourself & those around you in an emergency too.

If you're a individual, or even a key-player in a SME business, you've probably already come across the nightmare situation where something vital becomes that-bit-trickier when the person holding the digital-keys is missing.

What would you do when your colleague is sick and you need access to their account?

All the careful planning will only get you so far, sometimes services disconnect and you need access to an account right-now.

The situation only gets worse when you die, how will your loved ones access your accounts quickly when they need too? Here's the simple solution.

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How to track button clicks in Google Analytics simply with jQuery/JavaScript?

TLDR; Track & analyse button clicks (events) on website pages with Google Analytics by pasting these few lines of jQuery/JavaScript code onto your site under the Google Analytics code.

It'll find most common button types and send clicks to Google Analytics for analysis.

The jQuery/JavaScript code for tracking GA button click events is here hosted on GitHub Gists:

View the Code Gist on GitHub

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SFTP for Vim

A great replacement to Sublime Text 3's SFTP plugin with a similar setup and workflow, but with the power of Vim.

Whether you're a hardened vim veteran or new to vim for web development using SFTP is now the secure FTP standard over SSH - it's become a common feature built into most graphical IDEs.

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Atilium Phone Pre-launch

Although I'm sure most of my readers are already aware, I've been working with some excellent companies to provide simple micro-service-style tools for modern small-businesses and freelancers and today marks the day that our first digital business tool is released - although it's still very early days, you can sign-up and start using it now. - Small business tools.

We are all connected, to everything, at all times, without thinking about it via the internet - shouldn't our work be too?

"Atilium" (pronounced at-illy-um) will bring our in-house tools to the public, helping small teams and individuals connect with their customer audiences easier and efficiently in a digital-first world where traditional services struggle to keep up and modern services are out-of-reach for the everyday person.

Atilium Phone - Professional phone numbers for small teams and freelancers.

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Hide - the Jekyll & Hyde Theme, WordPress Edition

The evil art of appending CSS code.

Unfortunately CSS has a tendency to be endlessly appended, especially in large codebases and lazy or underfunded devs - this usually spells bad news for future development and a full refactoring is soon in order!

However, appended CSS has it's time and place and this is one of them...

A "Twenty Fifteen" theme modification to look just like "Hyde," a fantastic theme for Jekyll (another website/blog software somewhat like WordPress).

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