“Thoughts on Development & Business” is a blog about full-stack web-development, finance and digital business by Ben Hoskins a developer in London.

When I’m not programming, knee-deep in a great book or planning the next adventure - you’ll find me fumbling for sheets and lines on a sail boat.

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Ben Hoskins, a Developer in London

I’ve have eleven years experience in web-development, and have worked on the full stack of web-tech at EdTech health and safety company IBIS Training. I’m now at the board-level and work with their e-learning partners managing the company’s goals and growth on a consultancy basis.

In recent years I’ve focused on UX, business finance, growth automation, digital marketing and team management for productivity.

I’ve consulted at successful startups and helped push established companies in many sectors forward, writing about a few of my projects on the way.

Looking for the right Full-stack Developer, or Technical Business Consultant in London?

You’re in the right place, I’m always open for a conversation, and looking for new projects around London or remotely.

Get in touch on my social media and checkout my CV for the details.

A group-wide understanding of key business data and progress indicators, partnered with the right real-world DevOps and growth automation is a fundamental part of any modern businesses future - even those outside of the traditional software and technology industries.

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