Atilium Phone Pre-launch

Although I'm sure most of my readers are already aware, I've been working with some excellent companies to provide simple micro-service-style tools for modern small-businesses and freelancers and today marks the day that our first digital business tool is released - although it's still very early days, you can sign-up and start using it now. - Small business tools.

We are all connected, to everything, at all times, without thinking about it via the internet - shouldn't our work be too?

"Atilium" (pronounced at-illy-um) will bring our in-house tools to the public, helping small teams and individuals connect with their customer audiences easier and efficiently in a digital-first world where traditional services struggle to keep up and modern services are out-of-reach for the everyday person.

Atilium Phone - Professional phone numbers for small teams and freelancers.

Atilium Phone makes your team more productive, gives you flexibility, all while saving you time.

When we get down to it, most of the real work in modern businesses starts with communication - management, clients or organising suppliers all gets done from that hunk-of-metal-and-glass in your pocket while you're on the move - so why should we still be held back by those expensive and contractually cumbersome land-lines and business phones...

Are your calls simply connected like everything else, or do they exist in a bubble outside of emails, CRMs and apps?

Small teams and freelancers need a professional presence that actually works for them, and their customers need to reach them wherever they are.

Atilium Phone solves the traditional limitation. You can have any number, like a London landline or any other UK regional number as your primary business contact phone to promote on your social media, websites etc - this number is then connected directly to your mobile phone, or your entire team's mobiles.

Changing office, changing providers, new sales team member? No problem, just type in your new contact number and everything keeps working smoothly - no technicians or renewing year-long contracts.

Your primary business contact number is now virtualised, never worry about changing circumstances or providers again and - let it actually work for you online.

Your new phone line is in the cloud - this means it can do some pretty useful but invisible things.

Little things like getting emails with call summaries and recordings after each call to any team-member, and being seamlessly integrated into all your other digital-products, like your CRM, sales management or notes/task app.

No problem, it's already online even if you're not.

No contacts, no fuss, no call-centres - just pay for the mins you use. and it's cheap too.

The future of virtual business should be now, and it's no longer only for the big-players through high costs or complexity. Free your team from that old telecom provider's lock-ins, awful call-centres and seemingly endless issues that take weeks to resolve... all while your work suffers.

Push a button, provide your card details, and never think about it again.

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