v0.3 Update! The Terminal Cheat-sheet app for Devs v0.3 Update! The Terminal Cheat-sheet app for Devs Featured Image

'tmux-hints' is a small shell script I wrote to display a live cheat-sheet - or key-mapping notes - in a terminal running tmux.

As you switch from one program to another, your notes update automatically with that programs notes instead. Great for new key-combos and noobs alike.

After gaining some popularity, mainly from Reddit, I had some great feedback ready to put into action.

Version 0.3, improves on existing concepts and implementation mainly thanks to /u/vogelke and others commenting their experiences.

Main v0.3 developments include:

  • Better help docs formatting.
  • Better initialization and sanity checking.
  • Sensible terminal clearing
  • Better startup hint file initialisation.

Check out the initial release post here on Ben Hoskins Dev Blog and checkout the GitHub for the latest version and instructions.

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