Personal Finance, Net Worth Tracking Spreadsheet

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One of the easiest things you can do to improve any situation is getting a good lay-of-the-land.

From business to personal life collecting info, mapping out the data and simply being informed can do wonders for progressing towards your goals - and the same goes for personal finance.

"Knowing is half the battle."
- GI Joe

Why make an open-source personal finance spreadsheet on GitHub?

After looking around online for something suitable to track personal finance, and seeing the people of Reddit using their own various spreadsheets.

I decided to put this spreadsheet together... I'm a programmer, not a financial advisor and wanted a better way to manage personal finances, but don't have the time to put together a full web-app just yet.

It's a simple to use community-driven advanced spreadsheet (Google Sheets/Excel) for personal finance management, net worth tracking, general money management, financial goals and FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early). Grown from the knowledge and interests of various Reddit money-based sub-reddits.

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Designed for British Pounds in the UK (GBP£) - but I'm sure it could work for other currencies/countries too. Make sure to check for new versions as they may include bug fixes, improvements and new features!

Spreadsheet on GitHub.

Free? Yes.

This spreadsheet is free to use for personal use (at your own peril!), the more people use it and provide feedback the better we can make it.

Please do not sell or redistribute this spreadsheet/work or claim as your own etc. Refer people to the GitHub page so they can join in and help improve it too!

I'll publish updates as I find the time - contributions features - join the GitHub, feedback - tweet me, monetary - click the PayPal link) are welcome if you would like to support the project! :)

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