The Backend Shop.

2023-12-21 WIP Coming soon. I'm migrating some of my blog posts about projects to here. I will eventually sell backend templates too.

Here you'll find some of my open-source projects and even some backend code templates to purchase too.

Code Licensing

Some of the projects listed here are free and open-source software, these are categorised as FOSS.

Prices are shown on anything that's for sale. The price's shown below are for the "Hobbyist" licensing type, you can choose the right licensing type and price for your needs before checkout.

Key points:
  • You can modify the code, but don't sell or redistribute it.
  • The code comes without warranty.
  • Hobbyist license: use the code for personal projects and learning.
  • Startup license: use the code before you're a proper business.
  • Company license: allows businesses to use the code in their SaaS projects.

See the full code license agreement and terms of use here.