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TLDR; Thanks for everything & I’m now available for hire.

A quick update – thanks for the recent support on my article “Digital Will” a backup-plan for business, the support for my recent side-projects like the personal finance/net worth tracker & the feedback from readers too! 😊

Starting in mid-December 2019 – you’ll spot the “dusty-red button” on the side of this blog when I’m available for freelance or contract consultancy work.

I focus on technical business management for software and non-software businesses. Passionate about finance, sales, strategy and automation – I’m also a battle-proven fullstack developer i.e. LAMP, serverless, front & backend.

You’ll spot me around Canary Wharf, Wapping & Bank throughout the London weekdays – I’m happy to travel for great opportunities and well-versed with remote working too.

Start our conversation today, it’s your first step towards business growth.

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Ben Hoskins, a SaaS developer from London who loves anything code, business or sailing!

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