Atilium Phone Pre-launch

Although I’m sure most of my readers are already aware, I’ve been working with some excellent companies to provide simple micro-service-style tools for modern small-businesses and freelancers and today marks the day that our first digital business tool is released – although it’s still very early days, you can sign-up and start using it now. – Small business tools.

We are all connected, to everything, at all times, without thinking about it via the internet – shouldn’t our work be too?

Atilium(pronounced at-illy-um) will bring our in-house tools to the public, helping small teams and individuals connect with their customer audiences easier and efficiently in a digital-first world where traditional services struggle to keep up and modern services are out-of-reach for the everyday person.

Atilium Phone – Professional phone numbers for small teams and freelancers.

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Hide – the Jekyll & Hyde Theme, WordPress Edition

The evil art of appending CSS code.

Unfortunately CSS has a tendency to be endlessly appended, especially in large codebases and lazy or underfunded devs – this usually spells bad news for future development and a full refactoring is soon in order!

However, appended CSS has it’s time and place and this is one of them

A “Twenty Fifteen” theme modification to look just like “Hyde,” a fantastic theme for Jekyll (another website/blog software somewhat like WordPress).

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Although I’m comfortable using terminal – getting used to new shortcuts, key-combos and custom mappings can be a memory-game. I’ve ended up with many note files containing hints for all the things I should have remembered by now. There’s a better way...

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Personal Finance, Net Worth Tracking Spreadsheet

One of the easiest things you can do to improve any situation is getting a good lay-of-the-land.

From business to personal life collecting info, mapping out the data and simply being informed can do wonders for progressing towards your goals – and the same goes for personal finance.

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