Connect Starling Bank to Zapier & IFTTT

5 min read

You can now connect Starling Bank to Zapier with full functionality (a great IFTTT alternative) and connect Starling to IFTTT with basic functionality.

This makes it super-easy to integrate your bank with thousands of other online services, even if you’re not a programmer.

Even if it is a little unofficial.

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“Digital Will” – a Last Will & Testament, for Your Online-life

4 min read

TLDR; Use a Password Manager like 1Password, it makes your day-to-day life easier, more secure and can protect yourself & those around you in an emergency too.

If you’re a individual, or even a key-player in a SME business, you’ve probably already come across the nightmare situation where something vital becomes that-bit-trickier when the person holding the digital-keys is missing.

What would you do when your colleague is sick and you need access to their account?

All the careful planning will only get you so far, sometimes services disconnect and you need access to an account right-now.

The situation only gets worse when you die, how will your loved ones access your accounts quickly when they need too? Here’s the simple solution.

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Atilium Phone Pre-launch

2 min read

Although I’m sure most of my readers are already aware, I’ve been working with some excellent companies to provide simple micro-service-style tools for modern small-businesses and freelancers and today marks the day that our first digital business tool is released – although it’s still very early days, you can sign-up and start using it now. – Small business tools.

We are all connected, to everything, at all times, without thinking about it via the internet – shouldn’t our work be too?

Atilium(pronounced at-illy-um) will bring our in-house tools to the public, helping small teams and individuals connect with their customer audiences easier and efficiently in a digital-first world where traditional services struggle to keep up and modern services are out-of-reach for the everyday person.

Atilium Phone – Professional phone numbers for small teams and freelancers.

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Personal Finance, Net Worth Tracking Spreadsheet

2 min read

One of the easiest things you can do to improve any situation is getting a good lay-of-the-land.

From business to personal life collecting info, mapping out the data and simply being informed can do wonders for progressing towards your goals – and the same goes for personal finance.

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